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[Table] IAMA director of IRON SKY THE COMING RACE and just released a promo with Hitler riding T-Rex! I'm here with producer and other people behind the madness -- Ask Us Anything!

2014.11.08 22:04 tabledresser [Table] IAMA director of IRON SKY THE COMING RACE and just released a promo with Hitler riding T-Rex! I'm here with producer and other people behind the madness -- Ask Us Anything!

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Date: 2014-11-08
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My SO asks: WHY? Why did you do this? To your SO, I'd like to answer in length. We shot a promo for Iron Sky The Coming Race because of three main reasons: first, I wanted to create a bridge between Iron Sky 1 and 2, something that leads us towards the plot of the sequel, but takes in account where we left off with Iron Sky 1. The second reason was that I wanted to re-ignite the fans again. That there's a new film coming, and get them excited, and get them supporting the CF campaign. Third reason was because I was worried if we'd be capable of doing good creature effects. I think the promo shows we're in good hands.
From me: Was there any outcry to Iron Sky and how did you deal with it? Iron Sky 1 had multiple outcries. The film critics thought it was horrible and that they were insulted personally. I'm not sure what they were expecting when lining up for tickets in Berlin to get to see a film about Nazis on the Dark Side of the Moon, but apparently it wasn't for their liking. Luckily, the audience thought differently. The Sarah Palin fans also got all pissed off at one point and my Twitter was full of death threats for a while. I also heard some neo-nazis got angry because they were hoping us to do a nazi-glorifying film, and it turned out we were just pissing all over Hitler's grave for fun...
Also how difficult was it to actually get the first one made? How difficult, yes, that's a good question. Well, let's say: first-time director trying to raise biggest budget ever for a Finnish film, about a topic everyone thought was just way out there, with a script nobody understood anything about. Yes, it was hard. It took us 6 years to fund the whole thing.
How much stress is the crowdsourcing approach causing for the Iron Sky crew and production financially? Tero: The crowdsourcing needs a lot of work definitely also in our end. It needs manpower and time and naturally this needs also money. But its a very integral part of making Iron Sky and we constantly develop the ways to do it. Yes, I think we are among the first ones who use this effectively.
Hey guys. First of all, I wanted to say that I enjoyed the hell out of Iron Sky. It was one of the most delightfully absurd movies I've watched (that's a compliment, for what it's worth). How in the world did the concept for it come about? I can't imagine someone just woke up one day, shot straight up in bed, and said "Moon Nazis... yes!" Secondly, I know that here in the US, we have a very different view, culturally, of the historical events around WW2 and the Nazi ideology in general. Did your own views or the cultural views you live in shape any of the choices around the movies? Actually, it was a bit like that. Jarmo, the father of the idea, had a dream where he was riding a bicycle and there was Adolf Hitler sitting on the back of the bike, yapping angrily to his ear. When he had woken up, he had this idea in his head. Then, we had a sauna evening later that day and he told us about the idea. We were laughing first, but few years later, we found out we were working on the very film itself. Regarding the cultural views on Nazis - definitely. Finland was both at war with the Nazis, and collaborating with them. We had Nazi garrisons in Finland and very close connections with Nazis for a while, but also Nazis basically burned half of the country as they were fleeing. Our view for Nazis is, because of this, a bit further away than with Germans, but also closer than say the Brits or the Americans, and it makes it possible for us treat them in a very specific tone.
Hm. I am not familiard with film making problems etc. Could you please explain why is it so hard to get the movie distributed globally at the same date? And why was the separation for the first movie almost a year? Timo: In short, every distributor in every territory wants to do their own strategy - there's different high and low seasons in every territory, different films are coming to theatres different times and they want to figure out a best way for that territory. And it sort of makes sense - but nowadays, the whole bidnid is changing because everything needs to be available the same time, otherwise it will get pirated and much business is lost. The best way to compete this is a day-and-date release, but distributors don't like it when producers are setting rules, unless it's a big-ass Hollywood studio.
Watching your trailer it seems that you hav a pretty safe budget. Can we assume that the movie will be created even if you don't get the amount of cash on indiegogo that you ask for? Tero: We want to maximize the crowdfunding in order to keep the distribution control in our own hands. If we would not reach the goal we fill in other financing. The movie will be created definitely.
BTW, I think Iron Sky (the original) is the best movie in terms of making me laugh out hard throughout the entire length :D. Jarmo: I'd like add to Tero's answer. Why is keeping distribution control so important? Because for the first Iron Sky there was almost a year between the first country getting it's premiere and the last country. And there was no hope of a global online release. It's tough for an independent film to get seen, but there's no technical reason anymore. Anyone wo wants to see Hitler ride a T-Rex should be able to do so.
Thanks for this AMA, Timo! While creating this film, have you ever thought "This seems a little over the top, let's tone it down a little"? Timo: Yeah, i do worry about it sometimes, but somehow I have formed a very strict rules on what's possible and what's not, what's too crazy and what's not.
Tero: From the producers point of view i'm happy that the story is crazy enough after the nazis from the moon. but yes, we need to be right with the tone.
Jarmo: I find it quite strange, that the one thing we're most told was too ridiculous in the first film was shooting a gun in space. Especially since it's actually possible.
I blame Firefly.
I randomly found Iron Sky on Netflix when browsing drunk with a friend of mine and it was so incredibly confusing when I thought it was meant to be serious. Thanks for making a film that's made me question every film since then more thoroughly! Did you guys have to cut anything out of the first film because it was "too ridiculous"? Timo: Yes, I had one scene where they had just landed on a field with the saucer, in New York, and there was this hippie girl who came shooting. There was a very weird scene we shot with great trouble later on when Renate and Washington return back to the ship, where the hippie girl is having a smoke with Uwe the Pilot. They play around with a gun, then smoke more weed, then the ship leaves and simultaneously the couch is lifted up in the air... it just didn't work, was too weird and felt out of place. I really loved the work of the actors but the scene just didn't work.
Hey Timo, it was great following the viral campaign for Iron Sky. Are you guys going to do more cool stuff for the sequel? Jarmo: Of course. It would feel weird not to.
We're doing as much cool material as possible constantly. It's one of the best parts in making Iron Sky - we have quite the free hands to come up with all kind of insanity and put it out there. There's nobody saying we shouldn't do that or this, and especially now, that we've proven with first Iron Sky we approximately know what we're doing, it's almost expected from us to go as crazy as possible.
I'd like to say that Iron Sky was the stupidest movie I have seen in awhile, yet it had a comical plot and hilarious characters. My question is, will there be any recurring characters? On another note, how has your day been? Timo: My day has been rather exhausting, running around Santa Monica, shooting thank you -videos for fans and doing meetings after meetings. Finally managed to find a nice chill restaurant with my gf and had a super dinner, now I'm completely knackered... Other than that, yes, there will be recurring characters - Julia Dietze as Renate Richter, Udo Kier as Wolfgang Kortzfleisch and Stephanie Paul as The President.
What are your opinions on the future of film, should filmmakers change to higher frame rates (48 fps, like Peter Jackson and James Cameron are doing). And what about 3D? Timo: I've found out that 3D and HFR will offer additional depth to the image for the first 10-15 minutes of the film, but after you're used to it, it's very rarely it actually gives us anything more.
Jarmo: I would have loved to see Gravity in HFR 3D. In my opinion that film was one of the futures of cinema - more of an experience than a film as we know it. Loved it to bits.
OK. What about HFR eliminating motion blur in fast camera movements? Timo: I actually thought it was cooler than 3D. It brought me right into the set, instead of watching a picture on the screen. I do like HFR's clearness.
Eka Iron Sky oli erittäin hyvä elokuva. Onko toka osa viimeinen vai tuleeko kolmas? Ja mistä te keksitte kaikki nämä ideat? Kolmas osa on myös suunnitelmissa. Ideat syntyvät yleensä selaamalla nettiä liian myöhään ja menemällä nukkumaan pää täynnä sattumanvaraisesti kasautunutta informaatiota, joista yöllä sitten muodostuu tarinoita jotka kuulostavat yhtäkkiä hulluudessaan helvetin hauskoilta.
I lol'd at Hitler riding a T-Rex in the middle of the Earth.. xD What do you find of that title? Vril, the Power of the Coming Race is an 1871 novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
Jarmo: Also referenced in David Bowie's Oh You Pretty Things.
"They're the start of a coming race / The earth is a bitch / We've finished our news / Homo Sapiens have outgrown their use"
I love the first movie and Laibach. How was it working with them during the making of the last movie? Timo: They are a very interesting unit which works on a very interesting method. They have a great sense of humour and amazing work ethic, and I enjoyed building the music with them probably the most of any specific part of the film production.
Will we get more Star Wreck someday? Jarmo: Would you like some? Maybe as a totally open source film anyone could remix and reuse?
That's a question to Samuli Torssonen, but from what I've heard, he's been plotting out something interesting, yes.
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